The couture lamps collection made with snake bodies, inspired by reviving nature and the integration between their wild beauty with contemporary art.

This artwork is a resemblance of my passions: light design, shape research, luxury and snakes.
From such marriage of passions originated my unique lamps, produced with snakes from all over the world, whom died of natural causes, as I bring life back into them by shaping their muscles and shining their bodies.



A one piece table lamp creation made of a female Boa Hypo Arabesque snake who naturally died 2 years ago at the age of 3.5 years. Her natural beauty and sensual shape was the source of inspiration in the creation process.



Size: Height 56cm; Diameter 33cm
Light: Incandescent led bulbs E27, 4W max

Base: Steel plated 24K Gold
Materials: Snake skin, gold