Dori, a young designer with a fearless point of view and the founder of Studio “Dori Milano” together with his best friend, the drag phenomenon Judy LaDivina, decided to join forces for a major cause.

Being a part of the LGBTQ community and firm believers in the ability of art to shape consciousness on a social and political level, Dori and Judy present Out HIV, a modern art project with an important agenda, combining product design and queer performance art.


Out HIV is a phallic shaped spot lamp designed and developed by “Dori Milano” for multiple uses. This pop art creation is asking to break the taboos and prejudice associated with the HIV virus . What started as a dangerous epidemic almost four decades ago, is now nothing but a chronic condition that does not endanger life when treated properly.

Arousing, desired and controversial, the Phallic attraction was a major factor in the transmission of the virus, and it is the main inspiration behind the design of this lamp.

The radiant symbol of potency made out of soft and high quality silicon is extremely pleasant to touch, allowing the exploration of its many possible shapes, like so facing the problem allows many possible solutions to emerge.


Why OUT ? why not!

We believe that it’s in our ability as a society to end the disease in our generation, though the transformation of faith into reality depends on our willing- ness to illuminate the darkness with a positive light.

In a colorful and amusing way, Out HIV puts forward a new narrative to the story of life with and along- side HIV. The main ambitions are to make the topic accessible and not daunting by replacing the stigmatized opinions with solid facts, and embrace HIV carriers in our communities.


The lamp will be sold exclusively online to ensure a decent price, which includes a contribution to the study of HIV and the HIV awareness campaign.
In addition, the OUT HIV Balls, will be held worldwide , hosted by Judy LaDivina. In each show /ball we aim to create the space for a constructive discussion while doing what we do best, a huge celebration of queer culture and art!

Golden Balls

Striving to encourage queer positive art and artists, 20% of the annual profits from the sales of  Out HIV project , will be returned back to the community in form of Golden Balls  scholarships to support HIV positive artists  all over the world.


The  winners will be chosen by a jury members on behalf of OUT HIV, and will be announced in the annual  OUT HIV  Golden Ball.


- Vita - 


- Wurst - 


- Banana - 



- Anaconda - 


- Willy - 


- Bonbon - 

Out HIV is a phallic shaped spotlight lamp for multiple uses, made out of soft and high quality silicon is extremely pleasant to touch. Thanks to the softness of the silicone together with the inner core you can fold the lamp to taste and give it the shape you want.


  • Dimensions: H 53 cm x Dia 17cm / H 21 in x Dia 6.7 in

  • Materials: Powder coated steel, Premium Silicone

  • Cable: 180cm / 71 in with in-line switch Matching fabric outer

  • Illumination: Led spotlight 3w, 3000k, 700 lumen

  • Voltage: 110-240v

  • Weight: Product (net): 2.1 kg / 4.6 lbs Boxed (gross): 2.3 kg / 5 lbs